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Day 43 Australia - Cairns (+10GMT)

rain 29 °C

We left Kings Canyon Resort at 9.30am for the 3 hour drive back to Ayres Rock and the airport. I should mention here that the drive is dull, the road is reasonably straight with one turn, the scenery is red sand, green trees and bushes. The only kangaroos to see were road kill. We did stop off to take a photo of Mount Conner.
The flight to Cairns was just over 2 hours (5.30pm arrival), were we learned that it was due to rain there all week.
We spent the evening walking around in the rain.

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Day 44-46 Australia - Port Douglas (+10 GMT)

rain 29 °C

These three days were a rest and relaxation period where we did very little. This was supposed to be on the beach, but as it rained constantly this was more often than not in the apartment called The Regal, where we had a balcony, fortunately with a roof. In the odd dry period we did go for a walk along 4 mile beach, and did a 2.5 hr rock scramble around the point, some of which was more of a climb with nothing but a drop into the sea below (Jen didn't enjoy these bits too much).

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Day 47 Australia - Cairns (+10 GMT)

rain 29 °C

We returned to Cairns this morning driving through fairly heavy rain. We walked to the Reef Fleet terminal to take a 45 minute catamaran trip across the Coral Sea to Green Island. Green Island is a 6000 year old coral cay within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. It was named by Captain Cook in 1770 after Charles Green (the astronomer on HMS Endeavour).

We donned Lycra suits (and looked dead sexy of course) to protect us from jellyfish and snorkelled around the the beach for about 90 mins. We saw numerous brightly coloured fish, but the two highlights were a turtle swimming past and a very large fish about 5ft long.

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Day 48-49 New Zealand - Auckland (+12 GMT)

sunny 21 °C

We checked out at 10am, and went for a walk along the Boardwalk alongside the Cairns Mud Flats. It was raining (for a change) heavily as we made our way to the Airport for a 1.55pm flight. (Note: when returning rental cars make sure you drop off at the international car park and not domestic). After a 25 minute delay due to the Auxillary power unit failing on the airplane we took off about 45 minutes late and landed in Auckland about 9pm. The Airport Express bus took us almost directly to the hotel (Chifly Appartments, we have a very nice one bed apartment with dishwasher and washing machine) which is opposite the Skytower. Even though it's 10.30pm on Easter Sunday some food places (good old Burger king) are still open. They have obviously just changed their clocks here for winter time, the clock on the bus read 11pm when it was only 10pm.


We woke up this morning to blue skies and sunshine - quite a difference from Cairns. Our hotel is a few minutes walk from the harbour, where took a ferry to Rangitoto Island. Rangitoto (meaning bloody sky in Maori) erupted from the sea about 600 years ago. We walked along the main summit trail.


It took about 45 minutes to reach the summit which has beautiful panoramic views - including the sky tower which is next to our hotel.


Sadly due to a flight change we only get one full day in Auckland, so that's it for the North Island.

From the summit rim walk we went over to explore some lava caves.


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Day 50 New Zealand - South Island - Arthurs Pass (+12 GMT)

rain 14 °C

We are now two-thirds of our way through the holiday.

We got a taxi to the airport (about NZ$65) for our flight to Christchurch to pick up our Campervan.
After a quick visit to the supermarket for supplies we headed north-west out of Christchurch onto the 73 towards Arthurs Pass where we camped for the night.

It's just like Wales, rolling green hills and rain!

There are numerous conservation campsite dotted around New Zealand. This one was NZ$6 a night per adult, had toilets and a shelter with lights where you could cook and wash up. Our first home-cooked meal in a very long time! After chatting to some Canadian students for an hour or so we retired to bed very early (about 10pm) as it was pretty cold.

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