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Day 24 - At Sea - crossing the Sea of Japan.

Today was another sea day, which having taken sea sickness tablets the night before most of us slept very late. By mid-afternoon the waves had calmed down considerably and I sat on deck reading, wrapped in blankets enjoying the winter sunshine while Rob played Table tennis with one of our dinner table companions.

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Day 25 Siberia (Russia) - Vladivostock (+10 GMT)

snow 1 °C

One third of the way through our trip today!
Vladivostock is the capital of the Primorsky Territory. Located on the hills above Golden Horn Bay, the city is the end of the Trans-Siberian Railroad, the longest continuous rail line in the world.

Our first stop was the Monument to Three Whales which symbolizes the friendship forged in 1988 between Russia and American sailors as they freed 3 Pacific Gray Whales trapped in the polar ice. The whales are carved from a 300-year-old elm.


Next, we went to see the ice fishing. The bay was completely frozen over and we walked out on the ice about 200m. There were fishermen another 100m or so further out. They bore two holes in the ice with a special drill bit.


The following statue is in Central Square, built to commemorate the city's centennial.


From the Square, we walked along to the Triumphal Arch and the Orthodox Church. These two buildings are just above the Submarine museum


Finally, we wandered back to the boat past the statue of Lenin.


The harbour had iced over significantly since we docked this morning, so several boats worked to break it up and allow us to sail out the harbour.

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Day 26-27 At Sea


A slow start for most people as a rough night and howling winds meant we didn't get much sleep. Fortunately by mid-afternoon the wind dropped and the sea is quite calm at the moment. Rob is keeping busy playing Table Tennis.
We sailed back across the Sea of Japan and around South Korea and into the Yellow Sea.

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Day 28 South Korea - Incheon (+9 GMT)


Incheon is a major seaport on the west coast of South Korea.

Historically, the town was split into different areas for the different nationalities that settled here. Between the Qing Dynasty and Japanese Settlements is a stairway connected to Jayu Park that was formed on the border between the Consulates of Qing Dynasty and Japan. There are Qing- and Japanese-style buildings and stone lanterns to each side and a statue of Confucius at the top.


Jayu Park is the first Western-style modern park of Korea. It's home to several statues and monuments. The monument to the 100th Anniversary of Korea-USA Relations was built in 1982. It symbolises a sail which means humanity, nature, peace and freedom.


General Douglas MacArthur led the United Nations Command in the Korean War from 1950 to 1951. He planned and launched a successful surprise amphibious landing at Incheon by American and South Korean Marines on 15 September 1950.


There are two main shopping areas, Sinpo Market and Sinpo Underground Market. The Market is mainly food (and mostly fish) and the underground market has mostly clothes stalls.


When we returned to the boat, some Korean dancers were perfoming on the dock side.


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Day 29 At sea (+8 GMT)


Today I did 40 laps of the ship's deck (5K) for the Susan G Komen (Breast Cancer) Cure Foundation. You can dedicate your walk to someone affected by breast cancer, so I did mine for one of our friends, Della Canning.

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