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Our Route

We're finally decided on a route and booked all the flights:

Tue 16 Feb UK to Cape Town
Wed 24 Feb Cape Town via Johannesburg to Singapore
Sat 27 Feb Singapore to Phuket
Mon 1 March Phuket to Bangkok
Thu 4 March Bangkok to Tokyo
Sat 6 March Set sail on the Ocean Princess
Mon 8 March Osaka, Japan
Tue 9 March Hiroshima, Japan
Wed 10 March Hakata, Japan
Fri 12 March Vladivostok, Russia
Mon 15 March Inchon, South Korea
Wed 17 March Beijing (Xingang), China
Thu 18 March Dalian China
Sat 20 March Final Port is Shanghai, China
Mon 22 March Shanghai to Kuala Lumpur
Wed 24 March Kuala Lumpur to Singapore
Thu 25 March Singapore to Perth
Sat 27 March Perth to Ayers Rock
Tue 30 March Ayers Rock to Cairns
Sat 3 April Cairns to Auckland
Tue 6 April Auckland to Christchurch
Sun 11 April Christchurh to Nadi, Fiji
Sun 18 April Rob is 40
Sun 18 April Fiji to Honolulu, Hawaii
Fri 23 April Hawaii to Las Vegas
Wed 28 April Las Vegas to New York
Fri 30 April New York to UK
Sat 1 May - Home

UPDATE: 9 October - just over 4 months before we go now!

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It's almost time to go

12 days until we leave

Rob here, Jen is still occasionally stressing about the trip. We have booked a number of hotels in various ports of call but there are still a few to sort out. Her suitcase handle is broken so she needs a new one, and it must be red. There are credit cards, cash and various packing considerations apparently, whereas I am just waiting for Tuesday to come along so I can pack at the last minute and leave for Heathrow. [I actually suspect that Jen will end up prodding me into action or packing for me].

The plan is to update this Blog most days with phots and experiences, so in 6 months time when we have forgotten it all we can read what actually happened :)

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Trip Statistics

For those of you who like statistics (especially Helen and Michael!)

Trip Duration: 75 days
No of Flights: 17
Approx. number of hours flying: 80.25
Countries visted: 12 (or 13 if you count Hawaii separately)

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Farewell blog

It's time to say goodbye, so thanks to everyone who followed our adventures especially those who commented, it's really nice to know that people at home are following along - it made us feel less isolated from home.

I'll leave you with a few random thoughts:

Would I do it again? Most definitely yes

What would I do differently next time?

  • Stick as closely as possible to one season - coping with a temp range of 0 to 42 was hard on the packing

  • Take less clothes (it's better to hand-wash or visit the laundry then lug heavy cases around)

  • Book more apartments rather than hotels (you get more room and can do your own breakfast)

  • Don't count flying days as days when you can sightsee regardless of how short the flight is

What were my highlights?

  • Sanbona - getting very close to the white lions and the cheetahs

  • Vladivostock - walking on the ice over the sea

A few people have expressed an interest in doing a trip themselves and/or shown an interest in the sort of costs involved.
One very important thing to bear in mind is your own trip could be a lot less or a lot more depending on the route you choose and the sort of hotels you pick - ours were mostly mid-range 3-4 star and we aimed for roughly £100 a night.

So roughly speaking (for both of us):

  • Flights 7000 (the Round the World ticket was about 1500 for two people)

  • Cruise 2800

  • 51 nights in hotels 4900

  • Car Hire (SA, Ayers Rock, Cairns) 440 (includes an annual car hire excess policy)

  • Campervan (5 nights) 300

  • Spending money 4200 (includes food, trips, campsites, petrol, rob's new polo shirts etc)

  • Special trips 1000 (includes Sanbona Wildlife reserve, the Fox Glacier and Grand Canyon)

Grand total - just under £21,000

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Time to go travelling again

If anyone is still subscribed to this blog, we've set up a new one for our next trip - this time around the Indian Ocean.


Jenny and Rob

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