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Time to go travelling again

If anyone is still subscribed to this blog, we've set up a new one for our next trip - this time around the Indian Ocean.


Jenny and Rob

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Farewell blog

It's time to say goodbye, so thanks to everyone who followed our adventures especially those who commented, it's really nice to know that people at home are following along - it made us feel less isolated from home.

I'll leave you with a few random thoughts:

Would I do it again? Most definitely yes

What would I do differently next time?

  • Stick as closely as possible to one season - coping with a temp range of 0 to 42 was hard on the packing

  • Take less clothes (it's better to hand-wash or visit the laundry then lug heavy cases around)

  • Book more apartments rather than hotels (you get more room and can do your own breakfast)

  • Don't count flying days as days when you can sightsee regardless of how short the flight is

What were my highlights?

  • Sanbona - getting very close to the white lions and the cheetahs

  • Vladivostock - walking on the ice over the sea

A few people have expressed an interest in doing a trip themselves and/or shown an interest in the sort of costs involved.
One very important thing to bear in mind is your own trip could be a lot less or a lot more depending on the route you choose and the sort of hotels you pick - ours were mostly mid-range 3-4 star and we aimed for roughly £100 a night.

So roughly speaking (for both of us):

  • Flights 7000 (the Round the World ticket was about 1500 for two people)

  • Cruise 2800

  • 51 nights in hotels 4900

  • Car Hire (SA, Ayers Rock, Cairns) 440 (includes an annual car hire excess policy)

  • Campervan (5 nights) 300

  • Spending money 4200 (includes food, trips, campsites, petrol, rob's new polo shirts etc)

  • Special trips 1000 (includes Sanbona Wildlife reserve, the Fox Glacier and Grand Canyon)

Grand total - just under £21,000

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Day 75 England - Cheltenham (+1 GMT)

rain 14 °C

We arrived back on time to the UK to what looked like sunshine, but this soon turned to a day of rain. I am not sure we had missed cold rain at all, and am glad we had booked a driver to come and collect us.


We arrived back home to find my dad had repainted the downstairs and upstairs hall and kitchen, all of the doors, skirting boards and re-stained our wooden stairs banister. My parents had also put up welcome back banners and balloons.

The trip was excellent, and we plan not to make it an once in a lifetime experience by doing another trip in a few years if work OK it :). I would suggest to anyone with the money that they do this sort of trip, and definitely before you retire as a few of the places we went, we felt would not have been possible without good health and reasonable fitness i.e. Table Mountain, Kings Canyon.

For those that are interested in doing this sort of trip, we plan to put up a rough breakdown of the costs.

Rob & Jen

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Day 72-74 USA - New York (-4 GMT)

sunny 19 °C

We arrived at the hotel about 9pm this evening (Holiday Inn Manhattan 6th Ave) on W26th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues. We were on the 20th floor with views of the city and the Empire State building which was about 10 minutes walk away.


Times Square was about 20 minutes walk away (though it's just a reasonably busy city block area).
As our time was short we decided to buy 48 hour a bus tour ticket ($54 each) and did 3 of the 4 loops they advertised.

The next day we did the Downtown route (4 hours) which took us through Greenwich, Soho, Little Italy and Chinatown where we stopped at Battery Park to go on a Statue of Liberty tour.


That evening we did the night tour (2 hours) which took us across the Manhattan Bridge into Brooklyn for views of the city skyline.


Our final day was spent on the Uptown tour which took us through Harlem around Central park (2.5 hours)

Our flight out of New York was at 7.30pm from JFK Airport which took about 1 hour 15 mins through rush hour traffic by taxi, though it took the porter at the hotel nearly 30 mins to retrieve our suitcases.

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Day 70 Nevada - Grand Canyon (-7 GMT)

sunny 30 °C

Today we did a trip to the Grand Canyon. A mini-bus picked us up at 10am and took us towards Boulder City and a small airstrip about 30-45 minutes drive from the strip.
We flew in a Twin Otter Vistaliner plane with huge viewing windows. The journey takes about 30 minutes and flies over Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam.
Hoover Dam was completed in 1936 and contains enough concrete to pave a two-lane highway from San Francisco to New York.


We landed at the West Rim and visited Eagle Point (where the Skywalk is) and Guano Point where we had lunch. Eagle Point is so called because of the V shape in the rock that look a little like an eagle in flight. Guano Point is named after the guano (or Bat Poo) that was mined there. Bat poo is very rich in nitrate so was a prized fertilizer for gardeners.


We had about an hour and three-quarters to visit these two areas and eat, so the time went very quickly. Our next stop was the heli pad for our descent to the floor of the Grand Canyon (4000 ft).


The Colorado River was very muddy looking, the guide estimated the water was flowing at about 8 miles an hour today which is considered slow. The water was quite icy.
A boat took us on a quick trip along the river. The green stripe in the 2nd picture is Turquoise.


From the boat, we took the helicopter back to the top and then sadly it was time to catch the plane home. All in all, a very good trip.

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